Your post-treatment questions answered!

woman with a hydrating tea after having a non-invasive treatment
Take the guess-work and confusion out of your skin treatment after-care with our detailed guide on what to avoid (and what to use) as well as make-up myths and the hydration tips you need to know.

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If you’ve been with us for a while, you would have learnt a thing or two about the treatment options available to target specific skincare issues, and have maybe even tried one for yourself. If not, feel free to explore our guide’s that explore different skincare concerns and how to treat them. But for this blog, we want to simplify your post-treatment experience by providing you with everything you need to know in order to get the best results from your skincare service.

Whether you’ve just had a hydrotherapy facial, laser treatment or dermabrasion, the conversation surrounding after-care can be just as confusing as the initial experience; Make-up, no-makeup? Products to use and avoid? We get told to ‘stay hydrated’, but what exactly does that mean? Oh, and would somebody please think of the pores!

It can all get a little overwhelming, so keep reading to have your questions answered and those skincare myths busted for good. 


Makeup, Maybe

Post facial or skin treatment, the skin is cleansed and massaged, and in most cases, the pores have been opened through steaming. It is best to wait for the pores to close, however, if you need to head back to work, and are looking to cover some post-treatment redness, there is no harm in putting on some make-up straight away, such as a touch of mascara, lip balm and a mineral powder base. If this is the case, be sure to opt for clean cosmetic products, free from any harsh chemicals that may irritate the skin or cause clogged pores. We love the lightweight and Organic BB Cream by Inika Organics.

Top tip:
If your skin is inflamed or broken, experiencing a reaction or break-out it is best not to apply any products before consulting your aesthetician.


Post-Treatment Products

Most skin-care treatments, even when performed by a professional, can irritate the skin. Using antibacterial products on all of the areas your aesthetician addressed for the days following your treatment should help to protect you against any flare-ups. 

Be sure to avoid using any harsh at-home treatments like peels and retinol-based products. Your skin is particularly sensitive after treatments and potentially irritating products can do more damage than good. Instead opt for natural, non-reactive ingredients so you can have post-facial peace of mind. 

Top Tip:
Say yes to SPF! As your aesthetician has worked to remove the top layer of skin in most skin treatments, it’s incredibly important to be vigilant with the SPF to avoid the new skin from being burnt or sun-damaged.


Hello Hydration

Proper hydration is key to maximising the benefits of your facial. Be sure to drink lots of water afterwards. Staying hydrated will prevent dehydration, flush out toxins and will help keep your skin clear and radiant. Your post-facial beverage choices need a little adjusting too, it is best to avoid dehydrating drinks like caffeine and alcohol for a few days afterwards to help maintain a healthy, glowing complexion and avoid dehydration. 

Top Tip:
Swap your morning coffee for a herbal tea, and that afternoon drink for a sparkling kombucha to really reap the benefits of your post-treatment glow. 


Ah! It’s a relief to know the do’s and don’ts of skincare services, especially when it comes to aftercare. If you’re feeling ready to tackle your skincare concerns, explore our treatment guides in order to start putting your best face forward!

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