Taking Proper Care of Your Skin Post Lockdowns and Social Distancing: Essentials to Remember

The world was turned upside down in the beginning of 2020 but things are finally starting to get back to normal. Surviving quarantines and social distancing was obviously a challenge for everyone. Needless to say, it’s affected every aspect of life.

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Skincare routines weren’t spared. With many services being discontinued and social distancing in place, accessing the right skincare solutions became a challenge for women across the world.

Pampering yourself at home is one of the easiest ways to stay safe and turn back the hands of time. If you don’t know what procedures would let you break free from worries about the pandemic while also delivering proper rejuvenation, the following guide is the right one for you.

Cleanse Your Face Regularly

Face masks and shields are highly beneficial for personal protection but they can also contribute to chafing, itchiness and rashes around the mouth, on the cheeks and chin.

This is why a good cleansing and hydration routine is more important today than it’s ever been in the past.

You may want to adopt two-step face cleansing when you come home. Micellar water is a gentle product that can help you get rid of makeup and the daily build up your skin is going to experience. A foaming cleanser would represent the second step.

Once you’re done, give your skin a hydration boost with a favourite serum and an anti-aging cream. If your chin and cheeks are irritated, you may want to incorporate some soothing ingredients like aloe vera, allantoin, oatmeal and liquorice in the routine.

Sheet Masks

If you’re in need of even more thorough hydration, sheet masks would be the go-to product to pamper yourself with at home.

A sheet mask can be soaked with various kinds of serums and hydrating ingredients. It allows for the deeper penetration of these products, giving your skin a lovely glow and some anti-aging benefits.

The best sheet mask ingredients to nourish and hydrate your skin are numerous. Some great choices to test out include hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, peptides, stem cells and various kinds of botanical extracts that have brightening, hydrating and even anti-inflammatory properties.

Give Yourself a Gentle Face Massage

Is there anything more relaxing and enjoyable than a gentle massage? Not only are massages an amazing form of self-care, they can also have rejuvenating qualities. Facial massages (sometimes called facial yoga) are a great idea for evening-time skincare you’ll enjoy a lot.

Facial massages can be administered in more than one way. Dozens of YouTube videos will teach you the right techniques to improve circulation, plump up your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

When doing a face massage, always cleanse your skin first and apply a favourite serum or face oil. The massage will help optimise the absorption of the beneficial ingredients.

It’s also a good idea to focus the massage on the lymph area. Such a treatment can help for better lymphatic drainage and bring down puffiness.

The fact that you have to stay safe right now doesn’t mean you shouldn’t neglect the importance of proper skincare. The right self-care and self-love routine can actually make you feel much more empowered right now, allowing you to break free from the difficult situation we’re coping with right now.

Numerous skincare rituals can be executed at home and the above-mentioned suggestions are just three of those. You can easily personalise your routine to practice the rituals that make you feel good and that help your skin maintain its health, elasticity and youthfulness.

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