4 Types of Anti-aging Tools and Devices that work wonders

There are many anti-aging facials and treatments that help get rid of fine lines and wrinkles to make you look more youthful, but what if you could bring all that home? Yes, it is possible, thanks to science and technology.

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More convenient and less expensive, certain tools and devices can show you some amazing results comparable to those intense procedures.

Microcurrent and nano-current

Microcurrent technology is used for facial contouring and firming that uses painless low-level current to provide long-term anti-aging results. This process uses microcurrent technology to stimulate and perk up facial muscles. Using an at-home facial toning device that uses microcurrent technology is like getting a mini face-lift in a few minutes.

Nano-current devices are also in the market, which stimulate the skin to help promote collagen and elastin. It is the perfect at-home facial tool for tighter, sculpted, visibly lifted, and glowing skin. These wireless devices show immediate results on your skin, but they are to be used consistently for any long-term anti-aging effect. Not only do they help prevent and reverse aging signs such as lines and wrinkles, but they can also be used to eradicate acne and decrease puffiness.


Micro-needling is the act of puncturing the skin with teeny-tiny needles using a tool called a derma roller. The slightly bloody process creates tiny holes and prompts the skin to produce collagen and increase cell turnover. These renewed tissues encourage the regeneration of the skin layer with an even texture, which is firmer and more toned. It is used to address many skin issues, including acne scars, sagging skin, and various aging signs. Derma rollers are an effective and accessible skin-tightening solution.

Many brands have released their own do-it-at-home micro needling kits, which include derma rollers and specially designed serums. These anti-aging serums, combined with the roller, prompt the skin’s healing ability to fight against aging by relaxing facial muscles that are responsible for forming fine lines and wrinkles. It is a less painful alternative to expensive and invasive treatments.

Eye rollers

One of the easiest ways to combat eye puffiness is to use ice rollers. You can give yourself a spa-worthy facial in the comfort of your own home with these. The cooling sensation by these rollers calms inflamed skin on contact. At the same time, the gentle rolling motion promotes lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness and boosting blood circulation for a contoured and lifted look. There are many massage rollers available that soothe and depuff the skin in seconds.

By incorporating such tools that use cold therapy and massaging to increase blood circulation, you can enhance your anti-aging skincare routine. From simple ice rollers to treatment kits that are paired with eye serums, there are many advanced versions of these beauty rollers, which are a great way to reduce visible fatigue around your eyes.

Low-level light therapy

There are anti-aging LED devices that make use of low-level light therapy. These come in the shape of wands, masks, and goggles. Light therapy devices emit wavelengths of different colors that promote cell production, which helps your skin heal faster and reduces the appearance of fine lines. It can smooth wrinkles, firm sagging skin, promote collagen production, and fight acne and other skin and aging issues. You can use the one that suits you best and get wonderful treatment in a matter of minutes.

There are numerous devices in the market based on popular facial treatments. You can opt for one that fits within your budget and is in line with your skin issues and skincare routine.

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