3 makeup essentials you need post-treatment

a woman applying her post-treatment makeup must haves from Beauty Affairs
Hide the post-treatment redness and enhance your skincare treatments with these makeup bag must-haves.

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Ever wondered why some women leave the beautician looking glowy, fresh and dewy, without the redness or other reminiscents of a facial treatment? It could come down to their post-treatment makeup products and the power-ingredients in them. 

I know, I know, putting makeup on post-treatment can feel a little counter-intuitive, but a touch of mascara, a dab of concealer and a light-weight powder will soon become your post-treatment best friends. Get ready to add to cart because these three makeup picks are your secret to enhancing your skin session, so you head straight to brunch or the bar with ease (and a new-found glow).


Miracle Mascara

Possibly one of the most underrated makeup products in the beauty world, a great mascara has the power to transform your face in an instant. The eyes are the focal point of the face and highlighting your eyes with a swipe of mascara can be the perfect distraction from a little post-treatment redness. Opt for a brand with natural ingredients that will help to treat your lashes as well as lengthen and curl.

Top Tip:
We love the Curly Lash Vegan Mascara from Inika Organic which has a plant-based, smudge-proof formula that’s enriched with Vitamin E so it’s super nourishing for the lashes while providing an intense lift and curl. The result is brighter eyes and a more vibrant face. Bonus points if you also brush your brows up so they look fluffy and fresh.


Friends with Foundation

Foundation has come a long way in the last few years. Gone were the days where you had only a few colour selections of a thick, difficult to apply a product that often left your skin looking worse than when you first started. Now there’s an abundance of base options, from CC cream to BB cream to light-weight powders – the latter being our favourite for that post-facial glow. Light-weight powder foundations are perfect because they are light enough to actually look like your skin but strong enough to hide redness or even out dark spots—it changes everything. 

Top Tip:
Opt for a non-comedogenic mineral powder foundation with nourishing ingredients – you don’t want to go clogging the pores your aesthetician just spent the last hour cleaning. The Loose Organic Mineral Foundation from Inika Organic is perfect for disguising post-treatment redness without clogging pores, so go on, add it to your cart!


Cover with Concealer

If you haven’t gotten the idea just yet, the idea with the post-treatment makeup is to look like you’re not wearing any at all. Cue concealer: embracing the natural, fresh-faced look while subtly disguising any blemishes or redness from the treatment is the name of the game when it comes to this makeup bag must-have. When used sparingly, concealer is perfect for covering the spots you want to hide, while keeping the rest of your skin clear and clean.

Top Tip:
When applying concealer, use the tip of your ring finger to dab in the product to ensure you’re applying it sparingly and softly pressing it into the skin. As always, opt for a product that’s free from nasties and uses as many natural ingredients as possible, this will ensure the hard work by your aesthetician won’t be undone and your skin won’t become irritated. We love the Certified Organic Concealer by Inika Organics, full of skin-loving ingredients that your skin will thank you for.


While having skincare treatments can leave you wondering how your skin may look immediately after, if you’re armed with these makeup must-haves you’ll be sure to always be looking your best post-treatment.

Visit our friends at Beauty Affairs today to check out their incredible makeup must-haves from INIKA Organic.


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